ABG Lab is a rapidly growing boutique pharmaceutical R & D company with a strong focus on revolutionary skincare technogy.

Today, ABG Lab and it's sister company Premier-Pharm are at the top of their field in anti-aging technology development.
Specializing in Meso-Therapy injections to reverse skin aging. Both companies are led by their dynamic CEO, Dr. Elina Tester.
It is Dr. Tester's vision that is responsible for the rapid ascendancy of both ABG Lab and Premier-Pharm to the upper echelon of anti-aging treatment suppliers. Focusing first and foremost on the development and optimization of pharmaceutical meso-injections used by clients at exclusive dermatology clinics in Europe.

Dr. Tester works with a group of select partners to bring ABG Lab and Premier-Pharm technologies to markets of interest through major distribution channels. Dr. Tester's anti-aging technology repertoire includes facial anti-aging injection treatments and topical skin care technology. ABG LAB is responsible for R&D and commercial application of the 1st Stem Cell Activating peptide for topical skincare use -- Polypeptide 1 (trade name “Amatokin”).

One example of the company's innovations is the synthesis and use of the stem cell specific peptide from Wharton's Jelly in their flagship facial anti-aging meso-injection product, Meso-Wharton P199™. Applied in a clinical setting and targeting skin regeneration, Meso-Wharton P199™ was successfully tested and ever since has been demonstrating outstanding results on thousands of patients since its introduction in 2010. Spurred by these results, Dr. Tester decided not to limit herself to meso-injections and has since branched out to create a number of products such as Duplicell P199 topical cream for at home use. For women who want flawless skin and consistent improvement for facial imperfections caused by premature skin aging.

As a scientist, Dr. Tester has built strong associations with her international peers, such as Boris Vanyushin, PhD, DSci. Dr. Vanyuskin is a professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University at the Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology. He is responsible for pioneer studies on DNA methylation and aging. Dr. Vanyushin contributed mightily to science's understanding of the importance of DNA methylation and its affect on human longevity.

Not just a brilliant scientist but a successful businesswoman too, Dr. Tester has established strong business partnerships in production, R & D, and distribution. Whereby, ABG Lab is able to commercialize their technologies worldwide and offer a wide range of products both for administration in dermatology clinics and for at home use.
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