Our Team

Elina Tester

President & CEO

An American businesswoman, scientist, and creator of some of the most advanced, breakthrough developments in the field of anti-aging skincare technologies. Elina Tester serves as President & CEO of ABG LAB. She has more than 15-years experience in developing and bringing to life cutting-edge skincare and aesthetic technologies.

As the President and CEO of ABG Lab, Dr. Tester is internationally renowned for her revolutionary anti-aging technologies and treatments. Dr. Tester has over 15 years experience spearheading the development of an array of cutting-edge skincare technologies that have revolutionized how doctors can choose to treat the signs of a prematurely aged face showing signs of skin damage.

Her passion has been working on introducing new injection and topical skincare technologies to the market with great success. ABG Lab’s repertoire of anti-aging solutions are a testament to her collaboration with renowned laboratories, esteemed colleagues, and her dedicated team.

Louis Rinaldi

Vice President & COO

Louis Rinaldi brings to ABG LAB the culmination of multiple decades of bright and fruitful experience in dietary supplements topical skincare and anti-aging technologies. After serving as Chief Cosmetic Officer for a multi-million dollar Fortune 500 company, he has brought solid experience and expertise in marketing, regulatory affairs and media communications. His strong and successful career path includes a key role in marketing, global media communications and in launching internationally known products, including the Strivectin skincare brand, Hylexin, Lumedia and Amatokin, the first stem cell activating face cream.

Serving as the Chief Operating Officer at ABG Lab has allowed us to build upon his great wisdom and communication channels, to which he has helped us bring numerous formidable anti-aging technologies to market.

Boris Petrikovsky

Senior Scientific Advisor

World-renowned, board-certified OB/GYN physician (M.D., Ph. D.) specialist in fetal medicine and surgery. He serves as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Neonatal Intensive Care. Dr. Petrikovsky’s major research interests are fetal medicine, prenatal diagnosis, fetoscopy, fetal cardiology, OB/ GYN sonography, and invasive OB/GYN procedures.

He was the first in the world to perform in-utero platelet transfusion, in the rare case of a congenital fetal problem, with excellent results. Dr. Petrikovsky pioneered a patented new technique for transcervical endoscopy, which allows for direct visualization and treatment of the fetus when membranes are ruptured. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and ten book chapters, as well as Fetal Disorders, a best selling textbook on fetal medicine and treatment. He is the recipient of the Recognition Award of the Brooklyn Gynecologic Society, the Howard Levine M.D. Science Award from the Obstetrical Society of Boston, the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead Johnson Traveling Fellowship, and the Award of the Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine.

David Ott

Vice President R & D

As a brilliant laboratory scientist and innovator, David Ott has been the Chief Scientific Officer for ABG Lab since the company’s founding. After completing his Biology degree at Penn State University, David has excelled in creating dynamic new topical skin and hair products, as well as a keen eye for innovative research and potential new anti-aging technologies.

After playing a vital role in the development of Polypeptide 1 — the first stem cell activating peptide, he has assisted Dr. Elina Tester in the development of Meso-Xanthin F199 and the new LipoBlock XP2 Complex. His achievements and record speaks for itself and paramount to the accomplishments put forth at ABG Lab. A vital force in the research arm of ABG Lab as it pioneers revolutionary anti-aging technologies.

Michael Kane

Chief Medical Director

Dr. Kane went to film school before he went to medical school. So perhaps it is this artist’s eye combined with a surgeon’s precision that led him to a new conclusion on skincare and its effects.

Following his medical studies, Dr. Kane entered a general surgery residency at New York Medical College. During this residency, based at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, Dr. Kane provided sophisticated surgical care to patients affected by the urban violence that plagued this area in the 1980s.

Dr. Kane is known for his pioneering work with injectables for cosmetic purposes while a fellow at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Kane has taught thousands of physicians how to properly administer injectables through lectures and live demonstrations.

Dr. Kane is also a distinguished authority on correcting the tear trough and lower eyelid area using fillers. He authored the first scientific paper on this technique, and continues to lecture worldwide on the subject.