"We create technologies and formulate solutions that dramatically yet safely enhance cosmetic and pharmaceutical products targeting skin rejuvenation."
- Dr. Elina Tester, President & CEO of ABG LAB
As the President and CEO of ABG Lab and Premier-Pharm, Dr. Tester is internationally renowned for her revolutionary anti-aging technologies and treatments. Dr. Tester has 15 years experience spearheading the development of an array of cutting-edge skincare technologies that have revolutionized how doctors can choose to treat the signs of a prematurely aged face showing the classic signs of skin damage.
ABG Lab is overturning the established norms of anti-aging medicine and getting great results doing it.

Not only a “quick fix” for more beautiful skin, our treatments get to the core causes of skin aging.
ABG Lab has created an array of technologies that aim to do one thing, regenerate aging skin: by altering gene expression, stimulating adult stem cell activity, and repairing skin at the cellular level, subsequently improving natural skin homeostasis and cellular performance.
  • ANTI-AGING: Topical Skincare
  • ANTI-AGING: Comprehensive Platforms
A skincare technology leader with a remarkable record of innovation and global outreach allied with laboratories in the U.S., Russia, and Korea.
Today, ABG Lab produces innovative injection and topical anti-aging skin treatments for demanding clinical aesthetician markets.


Bio-Engineered Garlic Extract Complex

Target: Upregulate Secondary Detoxification Enzymes

DETOX™ bioengineered garlic extract complex enhances skin cell survival from pollution, including ozone, smoke, UV & oxidative stress. Synergistic with antioxidants.

For more information on DETOX™ technology and product lines, please contact us.

Technology Overview


Skincare Molecule Complex

Target: Inhibit & Reverse Skin-Protein Glycation

AGE-Breaker™ skincare molecule complex is touted as the first skincare molecule developed not only to inhibit, but to reverse skin-protein glycation.

For more information on AGE-Breaker™ technology and product lines, please contact us.

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Oligopeptide Complex

Target: Immuno-Regulatory

PAC-78™ Oligopeptide Complex targets skin rejuvenation through immuno-regulatory mechanisms.

For more information on PAC-78™ technology and product lines, please contact us.

Technology Overview


Bio-Engineered Cactus Polysaccharide Extract Complex

Target: Anti-Inflammatory & Deep Hydration

—CPL™ bioengineered cactus polysaccharide extract complex:

  • Hydrates, moisturizes & plumps skin; has a large waterbinding capacity.
  • Unlike hyaluronic acid, resists breakdown from hayaluronidase.
  • —Bioengineered to protect & stabilize hyaluronic acid.
    Provides superior skin absorption.
  • Clinical evidence shows anti-inflammatory properties, deep hydration, complexion improvements & wrinkle reduction.

For more information on CPL™ technology and product lines, please contact us.

Technology Overview
"In mastering these anti-aging injection platforms, the products from ABG Lab produce visible results that surpass other dermatological injections and are comparable to more advanced cosmetic surgical procedures.
ABG Lab injection platforms are safe, minimally invasive and without the surgical side effects."
- Dr. Boris Petrikovsky, Senior Science Advisor for ABG Lab
Building on its success in topical skincare innovation, as a result of 10-years of R&D and the company’s own investments, ABG LAB has developed three original technology platforms for the total regeneration of aging & photo-damaged skin:


P199™ Biomimmetic Oligopeptide Platform

Target: Renew Aging & Depleted Skin Cell Population

P199™ biomimmetic oligopeptide platform stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of adult skin stem cells, epidermal stem cells and dermal (mesenchymal) stem cells.

P199™ biomimmetic oligopeptide, also known as Wharton Jelly Peptide P199™, is a peptide syntheticized by the R&D team of ABG LAB lead by Dr.Elina Tester and Dr.Boris Petrikovsky as a part of the research and study of Wharton’s Jelly, aiming to help burn victims recover quicker and with less chance of infection by signaling the skin to renew itself more quickly. It is a biotechnological synthetic product ultra-purified and placed into a buffered solution.

"Wharton’s Jelly, a gelatinous substance found within the umbilical cord, is a mixture of water, gelatin, lipids, proteins, and enzymes. Remaining the least-studied part of the composition of the umbilicus, Wharton’s Jelly is a rich source of stem cells, fetal specific proteins, fatty acids, and phospholipids.

For this reason Dr. Tester and I conducted research on a bioactive complex from Wharton’s Jelly. We wanted to explore the application of a specific peptide from Wharton’s Jelly to incite the safe & efficient arousal of stem cells in adult skin. We succeeded. And thereby duplicated in adult skin the magnificent regenerative process seen in fetal skin. As a result of these years of scientific work, ABG Lab is now isolating this peptide and synthesizing it chemically. The preparation is called Wharton Jelly Peptide P199™."

- Dr. Boris Petrikovsky, Senior Science Advisor for ABG LAB
P199™ Biomimmetic Oligopeptide platform is tested and proven to:
  • —Improve the vital stem-cell niche (environment)
  • Increase keratinocyte & fibroblast proliferation
  • Increaase large colony formation
  • Stimulate stem cells’ ability to self-replicate (make an exact stem cell duplicate thereby maintaining optimal skin stem-cell numbers long-term)
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F199™ Epigenetic Complex platform

Target: Up-regulate Genes That Defend & Protect Skin Cells From The Effects of Photo-Damage and Aging Skin

The F199™ epigenetic complex platform is tested and proven to:

  • Up-regulate genes to protect skin cells
  • Photo-damage prevention
  • Repair damaged cells
Technology Overview


M199™ Autopagy Complex platform

Target: Stimulate Autophagy To Regenerate Mitochondria, Increase Energy Production & Extend Cell Longevity

M199™ autopagy complex platform is ABG LAB’s breakthrough 3rd Generation Cell-Longevity Technology that works in synergy with P199™ and F199™ platforms.

Aging is a process in which the continual build up of damage to molecules and organelles leads to a progressive decline in cellular function and tissue deterioration. The solution is ABG Lab‘s Meso-M199™: an anti-aging cosmetic injection to induce Autophagy in skin cells.

Autophagy: The key to cell function & longevity

Autophagy is the protein and organelle (mitochondria) quality control mechanism that maintains normal cellular homeostasis in skin tissue.

By inducing Autophagy, Meso-M199™ boosts cell function & extends cellular longevity. Autophagy is cell self-digestion via lysosomes that clears cellular waste, including defectively modified proteins and damaged organelles, including impaired mitochondria.

Technology Overview